Photos can capture a moment in time. You can see the excitement magician Joe Ferranti generates during his performances. He will do the same for you. Call 339-927-4710 for a free consultation about your event.

To see the “magician” in action, visit our video link to YouTube.

Close Up Magician Boston Massachusettsthree spectators in anticipation of a magic effect by Joe Ferranti Boston Magician.

A little game of tug-of-war between two spectators and magician Joe Ferranti.

An outstanding performer will distinguish your event and become a lasting memory for your guests.

Female spectator with mouth wide open in shock to Boston Magician Joe FerrantiWho would expect this reaction from the discovery of a simple playing card? BTW, I perform with other objects, and may even read a mind or two. Still, the amount of entertainment that comes from 52 pieces of paper amazes me!

A Young woman covers her mouth from surprise from Adult birthday Magician Joe Ferranti



It seems we react with either a wide-open mouth, but some prefer to just cover it.

cute kids enjoy magic performance of Boston magician.



Although I perform for adult functions, sometimes children are on hand. They are never ignored and always enjoy a moment of magic.




Mass. Magician Joe Ferranti performing at a pool party


In the summer, we often perform out of doors. I don’t mind the heat if you enjoy the magic.


Wedding Magician Boston Massachusetts

A happy bride and groom who hired Strolling Magician, Joe Ferranti of Greater Boston.

Your wedding day should be magical. You can guarantee a little magic with Magician Joe Ferranti.

Wedding magic is currently becoming very popular. Although if you search for “Wedding entertainment” your first results will be for DJs and Bands.

Boston Mass. Magician amazes two young ladies.

Boston Magician performs at Bachelorette Party


Although I am not a comedian, Magic brings out a lot of laughter.





Performing at a bachelorette party in Boston. The ladies had a trip planned to Miami… then a global pandemic arrives. Plans change, so they call The Magic of Joe Ferranti. Honestly, I don’t mind being the backup plan.

 Close Up Boston Magician Joe Ferranti poses for photo.




It never ceases to amaze me the number of times I am asked to stand in for a photo after an event. I have the good fortune to work with people at their best… receptive and just looking to have fun.

The expression of astonishment from watching Mass. Magician Joe Ferranti


An often seen expression at a magic performance.





The Magic of Joe Ferranti In Action

Massachusetts Wedding Magician

The Very Best in Close-Up Magic in Boston