Weddings, Birthdays, Fundraisers…

Wow, I have been busy. (That’s a good thing for any close up Magician.) Even now I’m booking into Halloween and Christmas parties. Return to school College parties should be coming…don’t know what’s up there…please call.

I always set reasonable goals, I’m sure that’s not how to do it. To rephrase Donald Trump, “If you are going to dream you might as well dream big.” I suppose that’s one of numerous differences between Donald and I. (Gotta admit he’s got something going for him.)

I think I’ve got something going as well. Unfortunately the best usually comes out when I’m entertaining at any event. That’s the easy part (See my testimonials

The hard part is the business part. I get the show part; I’m a little weak on the business. That means I don’t come on too strong when selling myself. Do I lack confidence? Not as a professional Walk Around Magician. (AKA Street Magician) Just a little bit in the “bragging” department. I envy the person who can convince the world they can walk on water. Problem is they really can’t deliver.

Have to go now, I just did a test and I’m a little wet as I attempted a stroll on my brother’s swimming pool. (Note to self: (Can’t Walk on Water.)

Joe Ferranti: Professional Walk Around Magician, Mass. and beyond.

Never Too Old!

I’ve been working a lot with Senior Whole Health ®. They hire me to “warm up” the crowd; I do 30- 40 minutes, and then hand them over to the pros. Let’s face it, growing old is not for wimps. In the real world where we meet, they run the gamut on health and mental capabilities. Many are sharp and witty; they enjoy Magic that is up close. If not for this connection, I would not have contact with the elderly. How fortunate for me, we always have many good laughs.

I do a routine with silver dollars; these are Morgan dollars from the 1800s. I always hand out one or two so someone can have a look and verify it’s truly a silver dollar. I always hand them to an older woman. I always remind them, “It’s not a souvenir.” However, nine out of ten times the woman will put the coin in her bra. “I’m not going in there” I reply. “I’ll send Tony”, naming one of the elderly gentlemen. One of the men had molecular degeneration and had to feel his way around. I didn’t have to look far for a volunteer. We always have a good time and a few laughs which keeps us all going. The oldest attendee so far has been 99 years old.

I love these shows, and the audiences could not be more appreciative. Let’s face it, most of them aren’t getting out to the movies anymore. The sad truth is that I work for 10- 15 people at a time. There are many others that choose to stay in their rooms. Perhaps they’ve lost interest? I’ll never know, but those who venture out always have a good time. Now that’s a lesson for all of us.
Joe Ferranti Boston Magician, and throughout Mass.

Gotta get me some Tattoos

I’ve been working a lot lately. (Not complaining.) That means I usually present the same material, and the “trick” is to make it feel as if you are doing it for the first time. Yes, I’ve got to keep it fresh…not a problem yet. Financially this is good; I make money and have little time to spend it at the “Magic Shop.” Yeah, that’s a “habit” many magicians have. We’re always searching for the newest trick, the method never dreamed before, perhaps…”Real Magic.” However, I usually find some time to go on my computer and watch the latest tricks being pitched in the business. (Inside secret, many are old tricks repackaged for a younger generation and overpriced; yes the same tricks are hidden in books and VHS videos for pennies on the dollar!). What’s the point you must be asking? Well although my material is solid, my look is apparently out of date. I work in a suit, my shoes are polished and I don’t wear a “foolish hat.”

Now tell me if I’m just too old to continue…the magicians peddling the “new” magic all have tattoos, up and down their arms. Sorry to disappoint, if I remove my jacket and reveal my arms
There’s nothing to see, except some sparse hair and my not so muscular physique. Now, my Dad had a couple tattoos. Something you sometimes did in the army. (WW II) You know the Popeye stuff. He actually didn’t care much for them. Stories of the War went untold. I’m no longer cutting edge. You are who you are today. Nobody sees anything else. There’s a young man inside my heart, but no longer visible in the mirror. I know my magic is cutting edge, in the sense that it kicks butt. Classic plots never die. They sometimes need reframing or a little dusting. Well, I’ve got to go shopping for a hat and some colored sharpies. Need to keep up to date.

Joe Ferranti Magician: Boston and through ought Massachusetts

Pompano Beach Vacation

I just had the pleasure of a week on the beach in Florida. For me it was much needed. The winter was relentless in New England, and still it goes on.
As we come so close to May. I’ve checked the weather and our return will have temps in the 40s and most likely a little wet. I’m not a meteorologist, but, quite often in the spring we get these “systems” that rotate off the cost of Boston. I think they rotate counter clockwise and essentially spit cold air and moisture from the Atlantic Ocean. If my memory serves me, this usually continues until the end of June. We call that Spring, temps in the 40’s and 50 if we’re lucky.
However, the good news…every time I go to Florida I get inquiries from new clients. This time was no exception, I got inquiries from Colleges, private events, and corporate work. Hopefully I will work out all the details upon my return. All these inquiries came from my site, which is run by “The Social Mavens”, you may want to check them out for you web site needs. Time to go to bed, have to be up at 4:00 A.M. for an early flight home. Back to Magic, Boston and my magical friends and clients. Look forward to work, not the weather. Joe Ferranti The Massachusetts Magician

Entertaining for The Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2014

The sky was the limit for Harvard business school, or perhaps it was the bottom of the ocean floor. Regardless the MBA class of 2014 celebrated in style on a rainy March night, at the New England Aquarium (1 Central Wharf Boston, MA 02110.)

I haven’t been to the Aquarium since my kids were small. On this special night we had it to ourselves. As always I arrived early. (Better early than a minute late.) This gave me enough time to reacquaint myself with the penguins, who seemed excited to see me. (I later saw they gave the same reaction to everybody.)

Arriving early gave me the opportunity to perform for some of the aquarium staff and the food service staff before the event began. After receiving a warm welcome, I knew all would go well during the evening. (And it did.)

As a close up/ strolling entertainer, you need to learn to politely make your way into conversations, interrupt in a way that is not offensive, and let the group know that you have been hired to entertain them. You know you are welcome when their eyes open wide and they say, “Oh yes, we heard there would be a Magician strolling tonight.”

Then the “snowball” starts rolling. Laughter and applause attracts the interest of the surrounding attendees. This keeps me going for at least a half an hour, and then I start the cycle again.
I had the pleasure of meeting young adults from around the world. My favorite response was from a young woman from Russia, and I quote, “You are a true professional, and I respect that.” Of course I thanked her and wondered in my head, what did she expect?

Enough about my evening, further entertainment was provided by a live band, which played at the opposite end of where I was entertaining. As I was leaving at 11:30 P.M., I noticed that dancing had begun. Hooray for the band. Also there was a diver who “entertained” during a fish feeding. Although I was a bit busy and missed that.

Thank you to the Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2014. I see much success in your futures.
Joe Ferranti “Magician at your service.” (Just read The Hobbit again.)

Do you just do card tricks?

Here’s a question I get from time to time.
The short answer is no. This answer is true, convenient and helpful in securing work.
To explain how one entertains with a deck of cards is extremely difficult
to convey to potential clients that you are worthy of an evening’s entertainment.
(I do Magic/tricks with many items. These items Include Coins, rubber bands, dollar bills, balls and a few more common everyday items.) What you won’t see are props that come from a Magic Shop. These are the type of item that you would not recognize in everyday life. These items send a message to your audience, which is, I could do that if I went to the Magic shop.
Ultimately, Magicians strive for a reaction which is, “That can’t be done!” All magicians will recognize that statement as it is attributed to the magic of Simon Aronson.
In reality, I can entertain with just a deck of cards to the satisfaction and over the top response from any lay audience. I’m just glad I don’t have to explain how.
There are quite a few Magi that do. One who is exceptional is my friend Paul Gordon from the U.K. Paul is a magician, author, lecturer and motivational speaker. (Paul taught me how to entertain, and not just do “tricks.”
In private Magicians use the word “trick” to describe what they do. That includes David Copperfield.
When talking to clients we tend to use words like close up illusions…anything but “trick”. Most magicians avoid the word “trick” like the plague.
So, if you bring me to your event, I will have a deck of cards…and if you have a moment would you give me a short testimonial by video or the written word.
These aren’t your Uncle Charlie’s card tricks!

Casino Night in Boston

Events can be classified into a few styles and a few attitudes. A Casino night is always a winner.
Hundreds of people and everyone is in a good mood.

So this brings me to the Westin Hotel in Boston, Ma. (OMG) Yes, I’m easily impressed. Escalators, elevators…even stairs. Much like an airport except beautiful. (And remember the good mood.)
I think I’ve probably got the best job. Hundreds of people, many waiting in lines. The perfect audience for Magic. A little entertainment makes time fly, and the best part is the people further down the line aren’t quite sure what is going on. So they are anticipating my arrival.

So I’m a winner before I even begin. I probably did only three tricks all night. (O.K. I did a couple of special ones when the occasion arose.) But, basically two or three tricks. The reasoning is that the people watching you are going to turn around and spy (watch) what you do with the next group, and the next group was watching what you did with the preceding group. So you get it, everyone is seeing a new magical presentation, wherever they are in the line.

I know it went well, the audience literally tells you. They call their friends, “come here, this guy is David Blaine!.” Thank you, I’ll take that is a compliment… More than once,” You remind me of Al Pacino.” I’m not sure how to take that. Pacino’s getting pretty old, and I guess I can’t hide it either.

A beautiful night in Boston, performing the most unique entertainment I’m aware of, and no Barriers to break down.

Magic/Comedy for all Occassions

The subject of which comes first, the comedy or the magic is a real discussion (debate) in the Magical circles. Since I’m not in a Magical circle, (Thank god) my thoughts are valid because this is my blog.
Seriously, and I understand this, some of the best performers and thinkers in Magic say that the Magic should not be over shadowed by the comedy. This is true, as there is hopefully a magical moment in each effect, and you don’t want the laughter to be stepping on the toes of amazement. It diminishes the “Wonder.”

Personally, I just can’t commit to one size fits all. So I’ll concede that they are correct. However there are those who are talented Comedians and Magicians. If you are going to play in the best Comedy clubs, you better knock’em dead with laughter, or you won’t go very far. So I tip my hat to the true Comic Magicians, who bring the house down with laughter. I think it might be as simple as your method of booking your show. Either Magic first, or Comedy first, no buyer beware is necessary.
As Magicians we tend to talk and debate things to death. Have you heard the one about misdirection in Magic? Well it doesn’t exist, you see there is direction. (More on this later…not likely!) But, I would like to talk about the inherent comedy in most magic. Probably next time. Thanks for listening. Joe Ferranti “Magic/Comedy for all Occassions”

Happy New Year from

Each year I have the unique opportunity to meet many people. Each is looking for a novel way to make their entertainment stand out from the ordinary.

I hope and believe my “Magic” reaches that goal for each and every client. Everyone is important to me…whether I am at a private, intimate gathering, or the largest of corporate venues. I appreciate that all your kindness comes from the heart. How lucky I am that my enthusiasm for Magic has brought us all together. I wish a Healthy New Year to all my friends, acquaintances, and family. Without our health, we have nothing.

Joe Ferranti

The Winter Ball & Magic

What a pleasure it was to perform at the University Of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. The Magic of Joe Ferranti and his associate, Magician Evan Northrup worked at a rapid pace in order to entertain the three hundred guests in attendance. We had the pleasure of meeting some of the brightest minds in science and Medicine.

I’ve been asked if I have to change the type of material when performing for such intelligent cliental. The short answer is…No. Just do your usual material. If the entertainment is valid and professional it will entertain from the street to Royalty.

One difference was we were dressed in tuxedos as were the guests. So from time to time a waitress would approach to offer me a glass of wine. Which I politely declined as it is extremely unprofessional to drink while you are working.

My compliments to the event planners. They were the real Magicians, planning each event to segue into the next, seamlessly into one coherent celebration of the season.