Finding the right Magician part two

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Continuing on from finding the right magician part one.
I left you with solid information to enable you to search the internet and make an informed choice to assist you.
                                               The Agent/Agency
agent.: a person who does business for another person: a person who acts on behalf of another.
There was a time when individuals worked hard on behalf of entertainers, securing them steady work. Of course, the agent received a fee/percentage for his work. (Well-deserved too.) How nice would it be to just do what I enjoy most…. entertaining with magic, and not spending time with the business end. From where I sit, those days are long in the rear-view mirror.
there’s a new agent in town.
I must admit, it was a brilliant idea, and well marketed.
In the field of Magic entertainment, do a search and you’ll find the agents. “Gig this, Gig that…Party Time, Woof, Thumbs Up, Bish Bosh, World Entertainment.” I’ve changed the names to avoid conflict.
                                              What do you get?
As a consumer you receive a list of entertainers that you may contact, their promo info etc. Sounds good? For the most part, but the listing of magicians is not all inclusive. The only contact will be from “paid members”, that’s us the magicians.
Competition? Touted as benefitting the consumer. Not necessarily, you’re not buying canned soup. Recently a potential client asked if I could meet the same fee as another magician had quoted. As much as I want to accommodate my clients, I had to politely decline with best wishes and hoped their event was a success. Moments later I was contacted again, and they were happy to pay my fee.
                                         What does the Magician get?
We receive details about your event, and are able to contact you with a quote for our services. This is nice…contact info with a motivated client, but there is a price.
The part that you don’t see is the fee we pay to be included on the list of available magicians for your event. Or the additional fee if we choose a “Top List profile.”
Or the fee we pay if we are hired by you. Yeah, there are a lot of fees. Do we pass on the costs?

There you have it…how to find the right magician for your event. Go back and look at part one again.

All Best Wishes,
Joe Ferranti

Boston Magician

three spectators in anticipation of a magic effect by Joe Ferranti Boston Magician.

Working a Birthday Party,  Mass. Magician Joe Ferranti