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Goodbye 2021…magic from Boston

Happy New Year 2022 from Boston Magician Joe Ferranti The Best in Magic Entertainment

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In January, we knew little about how the year would turn out. Mostly we were hoping for the best, and we had plenty of time to sit and hope because there was little else to do.

In the late spring, I went back, working at a senior High School graduation in May. It required a mask of all in attendance and the weather cooperated. Thank goodness, as we needed to be outside.

Come June 6th and I am performing at another Senior High graduation event in Newburyport. I am fully vaccinated and so are the students. They required no masks. 

 It was an enjoyable evening to perform and interact in the manner intended for Close-Up Magic entertainment.

Joe Ferranti’s Magic/Comedy Parlor Show…Amazingly Funny!

Events kept coming at a steady pace. By the summer, the entire country proceeded as if the pandemic had never occurred. Well, you know how that worked out. Good for some, but the pandemic marched on and the variants began.

Today, I am preparing to finish the month of December with a bang, as so many want to celebrate this holiday season. (Remember last year…The Christmas without parties.)

Last week I had a birthday party cancellation because of covid. I expect all will be well as the infected person is vaccinated.

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Today, The Radio City Rockettes Show was canceled, and some Broadway shows are also being affected. It looks like I’ll make it to the end of the year, but honestly can’t predict how 2022 will begin. 

I am safe as possible and do not have concerns for my health, but need to keep friends with compromised immune systems and my granddaughter in my thoughts and actions.

Variants keep me awake

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year.

I hope to see you at your wedding this summer, fingers crossed.

 Joe Ferranti

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