Hiring a Magician in Boston – Qualifications

How do you judge the abilities of the person you are hiring? Would you know the difference from a semi pro from a full time professional, probably not. Some of our best magical inventors and performers were not full time professionals. 
what do they have in common. A full time study of their craft and endless practice of their show.

Nobody like’s a know it all, so why trust a “Do it all”. Would you trust a Dr. who was a G.P., Orthopedic Surgeon, proctologist, Dentist…You get where I’m going. Do you really believe so many Magicians can be experts in so many fields. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few who can do it all. (Jeff McCBride), but you can count them on one hand.

What are you to do? Check the web sites. Read the testimonials, watch the videos. See for yourself if there is any evidence that your Magician can meet your needs. The Magician does not need to be an expert in every field. Just the one you are looking for.