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Hiring a Magician in Boston Massachusetts – Qualifications

Hiring a Magician in Boston Massachusetts

Comparing Magicians, Keep the field level

How do you judge the abilities of the person you are hiring? Would you know the difference between a semi pro from a full-time professional? Probably not. Some of our best magical inventors and performers were not full-time professionals. What do they have in common? A full-time study of their craft and endless practice of their show.

picture of a hand holding the Ace of Spades The Best in Magic Entertainment Sketch of Magician Holding the Ace of Spades
The Magical Ace of Spades

Not Everyone is an expert in every field

Nobody like’s a know it all, so why trust a “Do it all”. Would you trust a Dr. who was a G.P., Orthopedic Surgeon, proctologist, Dentist… You get where I’m going. Do you really believe so many Magicians can be experts in every field? There are a few who can do it all. (Jeff McBride), but you can count them on one hand.

What are you to do? Check the websites. Read the testimonials, watch the videos. See for yourself if there is any evidence that your Magician will meet your needs. The Magician does not need to be an expert in every field. Just the best fit for your event.

Corporate Magician Boston Massachusetts

Do you want a Children’s Magician for and Adult Event? I don’t think so. Did you know some magicians will accept any job regardless of their qualifications? That’s not good for you, or magic in general. It seems unfair that I am putting the responsibility on you, the client.

I’m just sending you a caution flag. Not everyone has your best interest foremost. Here’s my best advice.

  1. See video footage of each magician you consider for your event.
  2. Does the video represent the type of entertainment you are looking for.
  3. Watch the reactions of the audience. You will clearly see what you can expect for your guests.
  4. Read Reviews that are verified. You don’t want to read reviews that are written by the “magician”. Yeah some do this.

Boston Corporate Magician

Corporate Magician performs at The Sheraton Boston Massachusetts The Best in Magic Entertainment

Joe Ferranti