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Is that your ring?

I was recently hired for my Strolling Magic for a 30th anniversary celebration. I always discuss these events with my clients in advance. The more I know, the better I can be prepared to deliver entertainment to fulfill their vision of that special day.

The expected attendance was near 75 people, upon arrival there was clearly less. The hosts knew I had a couple of “special effects” (tricks) for them.

However, the original plan was for me to begin my strolling magic with their guests and perform for them at a later time.

My job is to do what I am asked to do, but in this situation, I gently advised a different approach. I suggested we open with the anniversary couple and arrange for their guests to watch as I performed the two tricks I had prepared for them. They agreed, and not to add a complication for them, I arranged the guests in a semi-circle to watch the performance.

Why were the clients immediately flexible?

I only work with people who believe in me as a professional and have confidence in my abilities. Having nearly 50 videos on YouTube of me performing helps build that trust.

Occasionally, (rarely) in discussions with potential clients, I see they are not totally “sold” on me. I don’t know why, and it matters little. If a client is not 100% on board, I can do one of two things. I can assume the role of a salesperson and try to close the deal, or I can politely suggest they continue their search for someone they are more comfortable with. This works for me. I want my clients thinking, “This is going to be great!” as opposed to, “I hope this is good for my event.” Without going into psychology, I believe we get what we expect.

All ended perfectly, as if this was the original intention for the celebration. I had the attention of the entire group with the anniversary couple center stage and entertained with a mini show. Ending with applause for the couple and a standing ovation for me. Well, they were already standing.

Joe Ferranti                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Close up Strolling and Parlor Magician

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