The Magical Birthday Party

A lot of middle class people want to book a Magician for their child’s Birthday. Why not? It’s good clean entertainment that will fill a room with laughs and amazement. A lot of people nearly suffer a stroke when they hear the cost! Now, I’m not criticizing Magicians or Children’s Magicians. We all put in the time in training to become a Doctor. (Just went down the wrong road. Should’a taken a left at Albuquerque!)

If you’re still with me here’s where I’m going. I’ve stopped taking Birthday parties from agents.
Why? Because they don’t hesitate to send me 40 or 50 miles without consideration of my gasoline costs. Most of all, they take such a big cut, there are two losers. The parents and the Magician. Guess who makes out like a bandit? Need I say more. I’ve decided to stay locally. My gas costs go down. The middleman doesn’t need to be paid. This is a win, win for the Magician and the families. I have a great price for all the contingent towns around Wilmington. If you are two towns out, my price climbs a little. If you are way out of range, well, there should be a local Magician in your area. So if you are in Tewksbury, Woburn, Burlington, Andover, Reading, North Reading,.. Get the picture? Have I got a deal for you! Give me a call, Joe Ferranti…Magic for all occasions.