Bride and Groom are excited from seeing a special Magic trick at their wedding The Best in Magic Entertainment Boston Wedding Magician performs special trick for Bride and Groom
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If you search for wedding entertainment, your results will be bands, and DJs Magic Entertainment is working its way into weddings. However, you will not find magic entertainment featured on wedding planners websites.

Why a Wedding Magician?

The most requested service is “The Cocktail hour” (although it can be over an hour) This service is affordable and packs a big punch of “entertainment” for your special day.

A magician performing at your cocktail hour is a gift from you to your guests. While you and your wedding party have your photo shoot. Your guests will experience magical entertainment, as they have never witnessed before. I can guarantee you will hear from your guests about their positive interactions with Joe Ferranti.

Boston’s Best Wedding Magician

For the past 10 years, The Magic of Joe Ferranti has provided the Best in Wedding Magic in Boston and throughout New England. We are proud of our 100% client satisfaction, and urge you to see all verified reviews of any magician you consider for your wedding. We promise to exceed your expectations.

 “One of the most talented, nicest, and punctual vendors we had at our wedding.” 

“Joe was honestly our favorite vendor at our wedding, and we highly recommend his magic performance to anyone who likes different & fun entertainment.”

Wedding Magic Personalized for You.   339-927-4710

We always include a special “Wedding Piece” for the Bride and Groom. This short, but memorable piece is most often presented just before your entrance. You may choose to have your wedding party take part as well. This special effect will leave you with a memento, which we are sure will go directly into your album. Some people choose to have a little longer performance for their wedding party… we can add that to the menu if you choose.

I will not perform while you and your guests are dining. After dinner, while your guests are enjoying coffee and cake, you may choose to add a little magic. During this quiet time, magic entertainment is ideal.

We understand on your special day you have many concerns. Here’s our way of helping… To ensure a prompt start according to your schedule, Joe will arrive at least 30 minutes before your designated start time. We will arrange and exchange the day of contact phone numbers, usually someone at your party who will have their phone with them and turned on.

The Magic of Joe Ferranti Creating Magical Memories of Your Wedding.

“What A Wedding! – We can’t thank you enough–you absolutely CRUSHED it!!!! I lost count of how many people were absolutely blown away by you. Your talent is incredible… I must admit, without seeing it firsthand, I found myself wondering “could I catch on to what he’s doing”. But after seeing you in person, I was amazed. Your reputation is well deserved!”

“Joe was honestly our favorite vendor at our wedding!”

Wedding magician Boston, Massachusetts


Boston Wedding Magician entertains laughing Bride and Groom The Best in Magic Entertainment Boston Strolling Magician performs for the Happy Bride and Groom
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Boston Massachusetts Wedding Magician performs a special trick for the new Bride and Groom The Best in Magic Entertainment
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