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Hiring a Magician for your company party

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Each holiday season, many companies celebrate with their co-workers. Many will hire entertainment. A committee will find the most suitable entertainment, but I’ve noted it’s usually one person who carries the largest burden. They have the burden if the entertainment is a hit or a flop.

Holiday Party Magician Boston Massachusetts

Of course, these jobs are more than welcomed by me. Arriving at one this past season, I was awaiting to meet the young woman who had hired me. While waiting, I found a place in a corner where I’m not readily observed. First, this is an opportunity to get set for the night. (Make sure each item is in the correct pocket.) Second, I’m not really too keen on making small talk before I perform.

Meeting the person who brought me to the party

Shortly, I am approached by the person who hired me. After our introduction, I asked her what they’ve had for entertainment in the past. She told me comedy entertainers. “Actually, they haven’t been very funny,” this struck me as odd. Wanting to calm her nerves, I told her to relax.

Promising her, she would get pats on the back for her choice of entertainment. She laughed. Not meaning to sound arrogant; I am just confident in the success of Close-Up magic from similar situations.

Show Time

As usual, magic brings surprises and laughter. What’s not to like about performing Walk Around magic. This was the first time this group had ever had a magician. Lucky for me, they had nothing to compare me to.

They had some delays as they had some speeches and announcements to make. I drifted into the background to allow them time to conduct “party business.” When they finished, I resumed my magic entertainment.

I got a follow up email the next day, and a great review it ended with “You were right about the pats on the back.”
Joe Ferranti,

Massachusetts Magician

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