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I’m back…kinda! Magic in Massachusetts

Working through a pandemic

“Don’t spike the ball on the five yard line.” I don’t suppose I need to tell you who to attribute that quote to? I believe it is excellent advice.

Honestly, if you’re not a little anxious during these times; you ain’t got blood running through your veins. This past year, we have seen over a half million deaths because of a virus. A crash of the economy, food lines, business closings…you get the picture. Anxiety? We no longer need fluoride in our water supply, but a good dose of Prozac might be a good idea.

Recent Magic gigs in Boston Massachusetts

On the personal side, I had two live Magic shows in Boston in the past two weeks. As a courtesy, I used the recommended precautions to ensure my audience’s comfort. A year ago, this would not have occurred.

This is not normalcy… but we don’t expect “normal” by a flip of the switch. It will take time and no one can set a specific end date. I’ve heard to expect a slow return… maybe by 2023. That’s hard to take, but after what we’ve been through, it’s understandable this will take longer than we expected.

The challenges of the international supply chain are beyond most of our comprehension, but we can easily understand its effects in our daily lives.

Available for future

Magic Shows in Massachusetts

I would love to work with anyone, and will accommodate your needs with in any way I can. Your confidence in the Magic of Joe Ferranti goes beyond your total satisfaction of our performances. If you care to see vaccine records, do not be shy to ask.

I’m ready for your wedding, graduation, adult birthday party, and holiday celebrations and more. Hopefully, we will have a “total celebration” before 2023.

For the Very Best in Close Up and Parlor Magic in Mass. and New Hampshire, contact…

The Magic of Joe Ferranti 339-927-4710

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