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Have you noticed people are saying…“What!”

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I don’t know how “catch words and phrases” get into our vocabulary. I’m just an observer. When performing Strolling Magic at events, I have the good fortune to meet lots of new people. The younger ones keep me updated in the current vernacular. So, lately I am hearing a new reaction to the magic moment with the word, “What!”… this is a wonderful reaction. If you know who started it, drop me a line. I’m just a little curious.

Do you remember when people said, “in the future,” or, “from now on”. We have replaced these workhorse phrases with… wait for it, “Going forward”. Who started this? From now on?

Back in my working days, I started getting memos saying, “Going forward, we will do this or that…” The uncreative writer of the memo was just following a trend, trying to sound intelligent.

Obscure origins of popular phrases

I believe President Obama came up with, “A teachable moment.” Let me know if I am wrong. This is a great phrase to use every time somebody does something stupid. It’s not a bad thing if it’s a “teachable moment.”

Back to my original thought, people are saying “What!” At the moment the magic surprise occurs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ll see how long it lasts.


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