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Connect, Connect, And Connect With Magic!

Boston The Best in Magic Entertainment's Best Magician, Joe Ferranti entertains with magic.
Joe Ferranti delivers smiles, magically

Connecting to your audience

While performing close up Magic we must connect with our audience. It is a two-way street. They are part of the performance.

Your audience is there to take part. They will talk; and will touch and hold your props. They will interrupt. This is the nature of Close-Up magic. It is a dialogue between you and your spectators. Your job is to maintain the flow of your performance while allowing friendly participation by your audience.

Use their names and keep it clean

Use and remember their names… they will love you for it. Connect by always performing clean magic. Do not cross the line. The guests may make off-color remarks, and this is their choice. I am not “stuffy” I just don’t take the lead with this type of humor. When they remember the fun, they had You’ll get the credit anyhow.

Many clients are generous. Some will offer you food and alcoholic beverages. Remember, you are working and not a guest at the party. The client’s intentions are good, but politely decline their offer. After you have completed your services, you may choose to stay and socialize, it is a personal choice.

Master, your craft

Know your material, leave nothing to chance. That is mastery of your craft. You must know everything you do inside and out. Even so, eventually something will go wrong. With experience, you will have your outs, and your audience will never suspect that the effect has gone south.

You must still practice, no matter how long you have been performing. It is an obligation to give your clients the best you can deliver.

Finally, never adopt a superior attitude. We are not performing organ transplants, or putting rockets into space. If your audience detects an attitude, they will not like you. Now go out and get’em.

Joe Ferranti

Boston Close-Up Magician
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