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Adults Love Magic Too… Hit’em With Your Best Stuff!

Boston Massachusetts Magician for Adult Events

Most adults think of magicians as birthday entertainment for children. Nothing could be further from the truth, but we are dealing with stereotypical thinking. Changing that from a personal level would be a long uphill battle. I could write blogs ’til the cows come home and change few attitudes.

Every once in a while, the planets align and good things can happen, and that is exactly what is happening. The perception of magic has changed faster than anyone could have expected. Nothing has done more to change the misconception more than America’s Got Talent. If my count is correct, three magicians have won the big prize. Add to that the many ones who have placed well into the last competitions. Thank you to them all. They have brought me more work than I could generate with a large advertising budget. (and I didn’t have to spend a dime.)

Walk Around/Strolling Magician Massachusetts

I have had the pleasure to work many cocktail events for private parties and large corporate events. I have performed for more people than I can remember.
What I have learned is that the large majority have never seen a professional magician.

Being the first magician that people see is a special opportunity. Many have only seen an uncle or friend perform a self-working card trick, dealing endless piles of cards and just before you are ready to fall asleep, they find your card. (sometimes)

Yes, we know why many of you are reluctant to welcome us into your circle for even a few moments. But if I do my job right, it only takes a few seconds and I know you will want to see more. These are not your grandfather’s magic tricks.

See for yourself

Close-Up Magic Boston

See the reactions your guests will have, laughter and amazement as they have never witnessed. Often happening in their own hands.

Working with everyday objects elevates the impossibility of magic. No trick boxes or gimmicky props. We use playing cards, coins, rubber bands, dollar bills. I even borrow items from audience members. (of course I return them unharmed.)

Even those reluctant to take part, see the playfulness and gladly join in to “play the game.” Bringing the Magic of Joe Ferranti to your event is one of the best decisions you can make.

The Performance of Magic

Adult Birthday Magician Boston Massachusetts
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