Magic Musings

Tricks? I Don’t Think So

The Magician versus the “trickster”

Do you want a Magician who knows how to Entertain or a guy doing some tricks?

“There is a world of difference between some guy walking around doing tricks, and a professional magician performing entertaining Magic.”

Has anyone ever shown you a trick? Most likely, maybe a card trick… They deal cards for no apparent reason. They continue dealing with no dialogue. You wonder why they are doing this.The boredom makes it difficult to remember your card. Finally, the “trickster “turns over a card… “Is that your card?” At this point you’re thinking, “Who cares”.

Professional Magic Entertainment

The professional appears to be doing something similar, but is not. There is no tedium.  Guests are laughing, having a good time. Perhaps there are three or four of you engaged. There is a moment of suspense. You want a resolution, but the suspense builds a little more… and then Bang! Your senses question what is real.

Someone might say “No *^$# Way!” Perhaps a scream or maybe just laughter. You applaud along with your friends. Excitement builds and extends to other guests, like dominoes tipping over. The response is contagious. Everyone wants to know what happened? If you have not witnessed this, you have not experienced the professional Magic entertainer.

Boston Magician

We walk around from group to group. People tell you they’ve been waiting for you. Others don’t wait; they move in close to see what’s going on. Well done, people are jockeying for the best view.

If you have witnessed this, believe me, it doesn’t happen by accident. The entertainer can do this seven nights a week and always get near identical reactions. We can well rehearse spontaneity. Yes, many hours go into approaching a small group of strangers, becoming a new friend in moments, and leaving them pleased to have met the most “interesting person” in the room.

Of course they are not the most interesting of people… it’s just an illusion, but that’s the beauty of rehearsed spontaneity. It seems real, and a little like Magic.

Joe Ferranti

Professional Magician Boston Massachusetts

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