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Finding the Best Magician in Boston?

The Best Magician in Boston

The Magic of Joe Ferranti 339-927-4710

Or maybe one of the best Magicians in Boston? Or maybe just hype.

Hype: A fad. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertised as the thing everyone must have, to where people feel they need to consume it. Well, maybe not hype, but definitely subjective. However, almost everybody has it as an attribute in their advertising, and anyhow, some clients have actually said it to me. (But how do they know? They haven’t seen everybody.)

Spectators tell you, “You are the best…”

Honestly, every time I go out to “work” somebody always says that, and many other accolades. But we know that is a common reaction, and should not be taken too seriously, as they are likely to respond similarly to seeing another magician.

Why we need to hype…

Here’s the dilemma, people don’t make Google searches for second best Magicians, mediocre Magicians…
Wait, I know what it is. I’m the only me. Nobody else can bring you the exact value of entertainment that I can. There are some you may like more, and others… well, not so much… My mother told me if I have nothing nice to say… you know the rest.

What I can promise you is that whenever I provide my services, I have never disappointed a client. My 5 star reviews have been consistent for ten years.

Honestly, there is no best. That is the ironic illusion of “magic”. Certain magicians are more suitable for events than others. Maybe you want balloon twisting along with your magic? If so,I am not who you are looking for and I would be the first to tell you.
Joe Ferranti

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The Best in Magic Entertainment

Harry Houdini…Perhaps the most famous magician of all time.

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