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I just did a Google search for the best magician in Boston. Have no fear, I stopped counting after 50. There is no shortage of the “Best”. How can you go wrong?
Easily, you may hire the wrong “Best Magician”.
You should have done a further search… Best Magicians that Suck. Just kidding!

Sadly, this is a business. It’s like picking out a Salad Dressing… Salad dressing is relatively cheap, so you can try a few and decide for yourself. Magicians? Not so cheap and you are having only one 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Universal desire for the best

I was talking with a potential client, and I told her, “Truly, I am one of the best close up magicians in this area.” Well, she hired me and she was kind enough to write a review… here’s an excerpt. “Joe was one of the Best Magicians…” I’m not sure why she used the past tense. I also ask a few questions, it helps because I’m not a marketing specialist.

Also, believe it or not, I am humble and don’t like to brag. I’d rather have my work speak for itself. But I have competition with essentially the same claims. If I say I’m the second best, it doesn’t turn out so well. This puts the burden on you to make your best informed decision.

Perceptions of our services

Actually, I’m in the ballpark with everyone else, but here is a little truth for you. Whoever you hire, when you say good night and walk out the door, they better think you were the Best Magician they ever saw. That’s the part each of us must fulfill. It’s probably not true, but the perception better be there.
Now here is the caveat to all us Magicians. This advice comes from many of the “Real Best Magicians around the globe.”

Your guests will love The Magic of Joe Ferranti

Appreciate the compliments, the applause, the laughter, the occasional scream, but the moment you believe, you are the best. You’ve let your ego get the “Best” of you. There are so many entertainers out there. Plenty are better in many aspects, some in all aspects. Keep yourself grounded. The moment you develop an “attitude” you’re done. Let’s face it; we’re not performing brain surgery. (Just doing a few tricks.)

Joe Ferranti “The Best Magician in Boston” well, you know.
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