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Boston Magician Performs at The Summit Lounge, Worcester

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti

Early in September, Samantha Taylor contacted me about presenting my strolling magic at the “Grow off“. I didn’t know what the Grow Off was, so I did a Google search and found the results interesting.

Immediately after submitting a quote, she got back to me… asking if I would have any problem performing for their group.

Magician for all occasions …Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut!

Realizing she must have asked if I would find it a “problem”, because of the opposing views on the legal use of cannabis. Like politics, the division is likely wide, with little common ground. I am of no particular view on the subject and see that my place is to provide entertainment, so we went forward and booked the gig.

The event was an awards party, at The Summit Lounge on Water St. in Worcester Ma.

The Summit Lounge Worcester Ma The Best in Magic Entertainment

The event was scheduled for September 25th. As I always do, I arrived about 30 minutes before showtime. Pulling on the door, I found it locked. There is a “buzzer” I needed to press to gain entrance. I felt like it was 1920, and I was entering a “speakeasy.” Not exactly, it’s a private club… but it’s fun to pretend.

Arriving at The Summit Lounge

A young woman who opened the door said, “You must be the magician.” I suppose my suit gave me away. Her name is Elysha and is the general manager. In order to enter, you need to become a member. Elysha explained the conditions. Without hesitation I signed, and am now a member of The Summit Lounge for life.

Samantha made her way out to greet me. After we exchanged pleasantries she told me the turnout was below what they expected and wondered if I could perform a “show” in place of walk around? “Sure…” I replied. Having a well-received parlor show in my repertoire it was easy to oblige. 

Adapting to meet the client’s needs.

No problem Changing the Program to The Intimate Magic Parlor Show.

I always come prepared to perform parlor or strolling magic at all my jobs. It seemed we were ready to proceed. Their food would arrive and after they had eaten, I would go on followed by the awards ceremony. Should be smooth sailing… but the food is late, Samantha is on the phone, and there is little she can do to speed up the delivery.

To Samantha’s credit, she didn’t get angry, at least she didn’t show it. She decided. I would go on ASAP get the show on the road. When the food arrived, she would give me a sign and I would wrap up the show with a finale piece and then step aside so their evening could proceed.

Making the best of a not-so-perfect situation.

Kudos to Samantha. It was a brilliant decision. I started my show and won over the spectators. A lot of laughs and powerful magic. I got 20-25 minutes into the show when Samantha gave me the sign.

Needing to wrap up the show, I performed my seven-card multiple location routine. Although it is not the “finale” routine I use in my show, it certainly has the strength to suit the situation. Wrapping up my show, saying Thank You and good night. Receiving an abundance of applause, leaving the room to the crowd chanting… “Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe!” This is an ending I receive often, at other times, a very gratifying standing ovation.

Waving a “Thank You” to Samantha as I left the room. (We didn’t have time for a face-to-face goodbye). She was busy moving the event to the food portion of the evening. 

With my time cut short, I didn’t have time to perform my entire Cabaret act, but no one was at fault…it just felt awkward not to deliver my full performance.

Sending Samantha an email the next morning, I thanked her and got this welcome response.

A 5 Star review…

“Joe was fantastic! Our schedule was thrown off because of a catering mishap, and Joe stepped right up to fill the time like a true professional. We hired him to do roaming magic but changed things last minute to do a mini-theater show. Joe got everyone involved, and they had the best time. Thank you, Joe!”

Hey, I’m a life member… maybe I’ll return to finish the show.

Joe Ferranti

Boston Magician Strolling Magic and The Intimate Parlor Show
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