Strolling Magician Boston Massachusetts

Boston Magician performs for Adult birthday party

Strolling Boston Magician

Many people don’t know one form of magic from another. Most have a stereotype of what a magician is and does. Some think we are childish and are only entertainment for Children’s Birthday Parties.

I perform birthday parties in Boston and its surrounding suburbs, but for adults.

I have one specialty which goes by many names. Strolling Magic, Walk Around Magic, Mix” n Mingle, Close Up Magic. If you know other names or something comes to mind, send it to me

Birthday Magician Boston Ma.

The Strolling Magician does not perform a formal show. I mean, you wouldn’t set up chairs and have your guests seated to watch a 45-minute show. (Although you may be interested in a formal close-up show.)
There are unlimited venues where you may use a Strolling Magician. I list these on my services page.
In short, The Magician makes his way through the event entertaining groups of people. It is not unusual to hear loud clapping, laughing, and cheering. It is a good time for everyone involved. You will have people approach you and tell you-you are the best magician they have ever seen. When, in fact, you may be the first professional magician they have seen.

If they see another magician in the future, it is likely they will feel the same way. Just the latest best magician they have ever seen.

Comedy Magician Massachusetts

The way we present our magic will put us in a category. If you present yourself as a psychic, and your audiences believe you. Then your appeal will be dramatic, if not a little unsettling.

If your approach is magic with a “wink” in your eye, the entertainment will be fun and comedic. Presentations with a comedic edge come naturally to magicians, as the surprises which naturally occur in a magic performance result in laughter from your audience.

I enjoy the comedic approach. I take nothing too seriously. Yet, the magic is still impactful.

Joe Ferrnati

Comedy Magician Boston Massachusetts

Close-Up Magic Vs. Stage Magic

Full Frontal Performance

Graduation Party entertainment – Get Magic

June 6th, 2021…graduation and celebration for the Senior Class of Newburyport High School.
In May, I performed for the Billerica Memorial High School Graduating Class. Although I was fully vaccinated, the students were not. Following safety protocols, I performed with a mask as well as the graduating class. It was a great evening, enjoyed by all. We made the best of what we had, still not out of the pandemic.

Jump forward to June 6th, the entire graduating class on Newburyport High School has been vaccinated and we picked up where we left off pre-pandemic. No holds barred, Close Up Magic performed as it is meant to be performed, “Close Up and Personal.” The kids, 17 and 18 years old loved it. I mean kids compared to me, the young men and women are heading off to college at the end of the summer, and they’ll be attending classes in person. The graduates caught a “break” after the seemingly endless life with restrictions.

Of course, we will all go through many challenges as the return to “normal” is not going to happen overnight.
Good Luck to you all, it was a pleasure to meet and spend a few minutes entertaining you with magic.
Joe Ferranti

Update 9-18-21

The return to normalcy was short-lived. We have stalled at 54% vaccination. Certainly short of slowing the spread, or variants of this virus. We are booked into December for holiday parties. Money has been spent securing venues, let us hope we can gather together to continue the celebrations.

Boston Ma. Close Up/Strolling Magician

Certified Professional Magician

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti entertaining with magic.

Graduation parties are a small part of the total entertainment package you will find from The Magic of Joe Ferranti. We are available to help you celebrate all the milestones through life. Contact us for Birthdays, cocktail parties, Holiday Parties, Christmas, New Year. Magic entertainment is only limited by your imagination. Where ever people gather is a good time to have magic on the menu.

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Post Pandemic?

Boston Magician Resumes Live Performing

I see concert tickets on sale for December 2021 at the Boston Garden. Sporting events are running currently at limited capacity and expect to increase as we head towards summer. Other states are already open at full capacity…we have our fingers crossed. I will continue to follow all best practices to provide our services safely for our clients.

With concerts pending in the coming winter, I expect a busy Holiday season, filled with performances for current and future clients.

Weddings are resuming, as well as graduations and many other celebrations…I will do whatever it takes to ensure your safety as well as provide the Very Best in Magic entertainment.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                          Joe Ferranti

Boston Magician poses with Bachelorette Partiers.

In the above picture, we see Boston magician Joe Ferranti with the “girls”. I was not part of the original plan. (Not even close!)

Joe Ferranti is not your typical entertainment for a bachelorette party

The ladies had originally planned to spend a weekend in Miami, but the world changed because of the coronavirus. Still, they wanted to celebrate in some manner, back home in Boston. They found me on Google, which lead to additional bookings from the hostess.

Boston Magic Show – Parlor and Walk Around

I’m back…kinda! Magic in Ma.

Working through a pandemic

“Don’t spike the ball on the five yard line.” I don’t suppose I need to tell you who to attribute that quote to? I believe it is excellent advice.

Honestly, if you’re not a little anxious during these times; you ain’t got blood running through your veins. This past year, we have seen over a half million deaths because of a virus. A crash of the economy, food lines, business closings…you get the picture. Anxiety? We no longer need fluoride in our water supply, but a good dose of Prozac might be a good idea.

Recent Magic gigs in Boston Massachusetts

On the personal side, I had two live Magic shows in Boston in the past two weeks. As a courtesy, I used the recommended precautions to ensure my audience’s comfort. A year ago, this would not have occurred.

This is not normalcy… but we don’t expect “normal” by a flip of the switch. It will take time and no one can set a specific end date. I’ve heard to expect a slow return,maybe by 2023. That’s hard to take, but after what we’ve been through, it’s understandable this will take longer than we expected.

The challenges of the international supply chain are beyond most of our comprehension, but we can easily understand its effects in our daily lives.

Available for future Magic Shows in Massachusetts

I would love to work with anyone, and will accommodate your needs with in any way I can. Your confidence in the Magic of Joe Ferranti goes beyond your total satisfaction of our performances. If you care to see vaccine records, do not be shy to ask.

I’m ready for your wedding, graduation, adult birthday party, and holiday celebrations and more. Hopefully, we will have a “total celebration” before 2023.

For the Very Best in Close Up and Parlor Magic in Mass. and New Hampshire, contact…

The Magic of Joe Ferranti 339-927-4710
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Graduation Time in Massachusetts

Magician for Graduation Parties in Massachusetts.

“Well not quite…but getting close. It’s time to start thinking of how you will celebrate. Rent a hall? Backyard? What to serve? Who to invite? Music? Rent a Tent? I think I’d definitely rent a tent. If you’ve been a lifer in Massachusetts, you know the weather is pretty unpredictable. One thing that is totally predictable is the best in magical entertainment. My God! Am I blowing my own horn? Tacky, tacky… Well if I won’t tell you, who will? Oh I know, check out the testimonials from my extremely satisfied customers.

The Very Best in Close-Up Magic.

What will the best in magic do for your event? First, I promise, your guests will ask, where did you get this guy? Others will tell you what a great idea for entertainment. You will hear your guests laughing and applauding.That is just the beginning, believe me you will see some of the best professional close up illusions of your lifetime. Guaranteed!

E-Z Magic

E-Z Magic emblemI’ve heard of so called “Magicians” who visit there local magic shop, pick up a few of the “self-workers” or the E-Z magic sets. Set up a web site and there in business. That’s not nice. If this were easy, everybody would be doing it. I want to send your young graduate off into the world, believing that anything is possible. At least for a few minutes. Your party will stand out from any others that you will attend this season. Good luck to All the Graduates, the world awaits you. Go get’em! By the way, my guarantee is you are satisfied or money back.

Joe Ferranti

Massachusetts Magician