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The “Birthday Card Trick” exclusive presentation from Boston Magician!

                         Forever Young, Massachusetts’ Adult Birthday Magician presents his                                           exclusive “Birthday Card Trick!”

Adult Birthday Magician Boston Massachusetts

When performing for adult Birthday parties, I always begin with my Birthday Card Trick.

This sets the tone for the party, whether it be a Strolling Gig or a Parlor Show. The guests know immediately they are in for a good time with plenty of laughter.

Lay people don’t care, but for magicians, I perform this trick in two different manners. As a magician, you have obviously had your audience react loudly with…” No Way…No Way!”, as they anticipate the ending but clearly feel it is impossible. This is a powerful moment.

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However, as a personal challenge, I thought, how can I perform this effect, and hide that anticipatory moment. you can see that in the video.

It is not difficult to do, it is just a choice. I frame the effect so the spectator feels they have seen the trick. In magician’s terms, it’s a Triumph Effect, at its climax they think the trick is done.
So when I go to my wallet, they are remembering back to my introduction, when I told them I have brought them a Birthday Card.

When I bring out my wallet, unzip and remove the envelope, I do point out that it is entirely sealed. Next, I tear the end of the envelope and remove a card, which has a Happy birthday greeting on it with their name. You can see the only reaction is to say thank you. In this instance, the spectator said, “That’s sweet.”

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I eventually use a gag, to encourage them to turn the card over, and they are totally surprised to see their signature on the card they selected.

Which ending is better? I don’t know, probably the one with everyone yelling “No Way!”, but it’s good to know I have control over the situation.

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