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Forever Young, Massachusetts’ Adult Birthday Magician presents exclusive “Birthday Card Trick!”

The Birthday Card Trick

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When performing for adult Birthday parties, I always begin with my Birthday Card Trick.

This sets the tone for the party, whether it be a Strolling Gig or a Parlor Show. The guests know immediately they are in for a good time with plenty of laughter.

Lay people don’t care, but for magicians, I perform this trick in two different manners. As a magician, you have obviously had your audience react loudly with…” No Way…No Way!”, as they anticipate the ending but clearly feel it is impossible. This is a powerful moment.

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However, as a personal challenge, I thought, how can I perform this effect, and hide that anticipatory moment. you can see that in the video.

It is not difficult to do, it is just a choice. I frame the effect so the spectator feels they have seen the trick. In magician’s terms, it’s a Triumph Effect, at its climax they think the trick is done.
So when I go to my wallet, they are remembering back to my introduction, when I told them I have brought them a Birthday Card.

When I bring out my wallet, unzip and remove the envelope, I do point out that it is entirely sealed. Next, I tear the end of the envelope and remove a card, which has a Happy birthday greeting on it with their name. You can see the only reaction is to say thank you. In this instance, the spectator said, “That’s sweet.”

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I eventually use a gag, to encourage them to turn the card over, and they are totally surprised to see their signature on the card they selected.

Which ending is better? I don’t know, probably the one with everyone yelling “No Way!”, but it’s good to know I have control over the situation.

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