Magic Musings

Lowering Risks, Post Pandemic…The Best in Live Magic Shows Resume in Boston Massachusetts.

Boston Magician Resumes Live Performing I see concert tickets on sale for December 2021 at the Boston Garden. Sporting events are running currently at limited capacity and expect to increase as we head towards summer. Other states are already open at full capacity… we have our fingers crossed. I will continue to follow all best […]

Magic Musings

Rhythm Off/Out of Sync…Boston Magician Confessions!

Greater Boston Area Magician Joe Ferranti 339-927-4710 It is easy to relay stories of our successful, over-the-top “shows” … everything goes right, the reactions, applause, shouts of NFW tell the story. But…now and then I don’t quite get my footing. I never quite reach my comfort zone. Searching for a reason requires honest reflection. […]

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