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A Magical December

Holiday Party Magician Massachusetts

December is always a busy time performing Magic in and around the Boston area. Most often I’m hired for Holiday parties, private and corporate. I have had the pleasure of performing for every type of person and personality you might imagine.

People believe certain groups of people are harder to fool because of their occupation or education. A good magician will fool anybody who has a pulse.

I am often warned about things like, “Everybody here is an engineer… or, this is a group of Doctors.” I always reply…”Thanks, but it doesn’t matter.”

Magic is about entertainment, not fooling… well, a little about the fooling.

In fact, the more perceptive and intelligent an audience is… the easier they are to fool. Because they have a sharp perception, they fool themselves with their own logic. The physical and psychological structure of a magic effect renders the method invisible.

Those who pay less attention often fool themselves into believing they understand how a trick works. Others refuse to be fooled, and will make up any solution no matter how far-fetched. When trying to entertain the “know it all,” we all lose. They miss the value of the entertainment… we both lose. Once they’ve convinced themselves they have the “answer”, I can’t argue with them by explaining why their solution is faulty. This seldom occurs. When it does, I hurry on to other people who enjoy “playing the game.”

We love Smart Audiences

All this can be the fault of the magician if he is a performer who presents his effects as if they were a puzzle to be solved. I never challenge an audience, it seldom turns out well.

Elegant Sleight of Hand?

One request I recall from a client request was, “Looking for elegant sleight of hand, for a smart, fun, sophisticated group.” My reply was mildly sarcastic. At the risk of not being hired, I told the client… “Well, you won’t know if the sleight of hand is elegant, because you won’t see it. “He laughed and hired me. It was just his way of requesting a “good magician.”

Let me leave you with a review I got from the Happy couple pictured below.

“One of the most talented, nicest and punctual vendors we had at our wedding. Joe wasfantastic at the cocktail hour of our wedding reception. His magic, which was coupled with a great, clean sense of humor, floored our guests. We 100% recommend Joe’s services.”

                    Massachusetts Wedding Magician Joe Ferranti       
Boston Wedding Magician entertains laughing Bride and Groom The Best in Magic Entertainment Boston Strolling Magician performs for the Happy Bride and Groom
Boston Wedding Magician Joe Ferranti

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