Not fun to go to the Dentist?

Not true…I just had a great time performing for the American Dental Partners at the Westin Copley in Boston, Ma. (And a special thank you to my associate/friend Evan Northrup who performed with me.)
I don’t totally understand their membership, but there were people from all around the U.S. at the convention. Not all were dentists, but there were plenty there. I’ve had my eye on an upgrade to some dental implants, so I asked a Dentist how many teeth we have in our upper mouth. I was told 16, so I bargained with 16 Dentists to trade an implant for a good trick. (Well, a great trick…seems fair.)
Although I don’t advertise as strictly a Card Magician, I am leaning that way. I always do a couple of coin tricks and am always prepared with other material, but for the most part it isn’t necessary. My good friend Paul Gordon, from England performs nothing but Card Magic, and does quite well. Congrats Paul.
The negative side for me would be advertising that the majority of my performance is card Magic. Frankly, I wouldn’t be hired. However, once I’m rolling there has never been a complaint, and the reviews are consistently 5 stars.
Most people don’t realize the variety of effects that one can produce with an ordinary deck of cards. Much like music with its limited scale of notes, the melodies are endless, and so it goes with the cards.

Joe Ferranti One of the Top Magicians in Boston, Ma.