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Magician performs for Bridal Shower in Boston

Bridal Shower at the George Wright Golf Course

I always say, “Magic for every occasion”. I’ve yet to work on every occasion, but I’m
Getting there. I recently found myself in Hyde Park, MA. Performing for a Bridal Shower at the George Wright Golf Course, named for baseball Hall of Fame and Boston Red Stockings shortstop George Wright.”

Who was George Wright?

“George Wright was a Hall of Fame baseball player who played for the Cincinnati and Boston Red Stockings in the 1800s. After his baseball career, Wright became prominent in the Boston community through Wright and Ditson Sporting Goods, which imported and sold golf clubs in the Boston area and helped in the development of Boston’s Franklin Park Golf Course in 1890. The legendary Francis Ouimet was once an employee of Wright and Ditson Sporting Goods. ”

Plaque of George Wright The Best in Magic Entertainment

I’ve yet to find a venue where Magic” was not the highlight of the event. I truly believe it never fails. How can you measure that to ensure your total satisfaction? My advice is to read as many reviews/testimonials as you can find. There are also video testimonials from actual clients. Look at the pictures. Not of the magician, see if the audience is having a good time. (I.e. smiling, spitting out a drink, yeah it happens.)

When I have a large event in which the fee is also very large, I will have a meeting to introduce myself. I want the client to feel comfortable with their decision. Frankly, they know when I walk in the door. I always go in my performing suit, polished shoes, combed hair, clean shave, clean hands, etc. It is almost an “interview”, but I refer to it as a meeting. I might do a couple of quick tricks so they know they are hiring a professional magician.

Joe Ferranti

Boston Magician

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