Bridal Shower in Boston

I always say, “Magic for every Occasion”. I’ve yet to work every occasion, but I’m
getting there. I recently found myself in Hyde Park, MA. This is where I was, quote from Wikipedia: “The George Wright Golf Course, named for baseball Hall of Fame and Boston Red Stockings shortstop George Wright.”

I’ve yet to find a venue where Magic” was not the highlight of the event. I truly believe it never fails. (Of course the Magician must meet a high level of proficiency of skills and above all presentation.) How can you measure that or be assured of total satisfaction. My advice is to read as many reviews/testimonials as you can find. In this day there are also video testimonials from real clients. Look at the pictures. Not of the magician, see if the audience is having a good time. (I.e. smiling, spitting out a drink, yeah it happens.)

When I have a large event in which the fee is also very large, I will have a meeting to introduce myself. I want the client to feel comfortable with their decision. Frankly, they know when I walk in the door. I always go in my performing suit, polished shoes, combed hair, clean shave, clean hands etc. It is almost an “interview”, but I refer to it as a meeting. I might do a couple quick tricks so they know they are hiring a professional Magician. Advice: Look for that word in the reviews and testimonials. Many clients say, “he is a true Professional.” I take it as high praise, but wonder, what did they expect?

Joe Ferranti Magician/Entertainer: Boston and surrounding suburbs