Birthday at the Great Wall in Bedford, Ma.

As we get older, many of us would like not to have any more Birthdays. (Ponce De Leon Syndrome!) A brave few embrace their advancing age and continue to celebrate their good fortune to have so many friends and relatives to celebrate with. One positive thinking individual not only embraced it but took care of the expenses as well. Very generous I think. Not only that, the birthday girl, having achieved the age of advanced wisdom, hired The Magic of Joe Ferranti for the entertainment. (Wise indeed!) Enough of the promo…shameful! For those who don’t know of The Great Wall, it is a very nice restaurant on Great Rd. in Bedford, featuring Chinese Cuisine. I’ve been a patron as well, and will go back. The party had guests, ages from three to eighty three. Those aged sixteen and up find mutual pleasure in the same material. The younger shout and applaud a little louder, but our elder crowds enjoy good Magical Entertainment just as well. So far my Birthday ages have been, forty, fifty, sixty, and seventy. I missed an eightieth, as they went with an impersonator instead. (It’s your Birthday…I’m never pushy. Hire the entertainment that suits you best.) IMHO, you can’t go wrong with Magic…if you hire the right Magician.

Joe Ferranti The right Magical entertainer for your event.