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21st Century technology and its use in Magic.

It would be misleading if I said magicians don’t use 21st technology as an aid to create miracles, but you would be wrong to think it is the new “sleight of technology.” As far as creating a magic effect, there never have been any limits… anything goes.

Actually, most of the material I perform is quite old, sometimes called “the classics of Magic.” Classics never die, but they do evolve. The foundations and psychology of magic will never change. Things work for a reason, and that is fact. We can discuss the theory of magic, but successful results and performances do not happen by chance.They succeed when the performer has a thorough knowledge of how artful deception becomes entertainment.

Card Magician Ma. The Magic of JoeFerranti

Much of the card magic I perform dates back fifty years and beyond. The tools (sleight of hand) are just as old. The “Magical Plots” are ancient. It is rare when a new plot is introduced into this field. Often, inventors are chasing their tales and rarely improve an effect (trick) by bringing endless variations to the magic market.

technology as an aid to magicians

Some new technology has aided deception and made the job easier sometimes. However, IMHO the impact of the effect is not always stronger than what we can accomplish with different means. Finally, if it were possible to measure the amount of material that relies entirely on technology, the amount would be small.

The innovators in magic

The true drivers of magic are the innovators. Those who will step outside the ordinary and be something original. Those who present a unique fresh face or approach that attracts widespread interest. In my life, I recall Doug Henning, David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Penn and Teller, David Blaine, Criss Angel and many others whose don’t adorn the billboards.


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