What is a Magician?

Mother? What comes to your mind? Doctor? Visualize… Clown? See it in your mind’s eye.

Magician ?
Do you see a Top Hat? A Rabbit? A Magic wand? It’s your conception so I need to redefine. Maybe you see a man twisting balloon doggies and swords. Somebody at a Children’s Birthday Party. All the above are correct and perfectly legitimate symbols that may come to mind. But, and it’s a big but! That is not what I do. It is the constant problem in this field to define what you do and reach those who seek what I provide.

Sometimes it comes under the title of Adult entertainment, well, not THAT type of Adult entertainment.
What can I do for you? If you have a stereotype in mind, that’s exactly what I will not be doing.
You receive professional entertainment with Magic as its theme. If you watch magicians on the Summer Talent shows, some of that is standard in all professional repertoires. You will not see anything that appears to have been purchased at a “Magic shop.” If you do, chances are, you have not hired a professional Close Up Magician.

I have had people say “please don’t pick one me.” I assure you, no one is ever made to feel embarrassed. It is unfortunate that some do feel it is O.K. to get a laugh at the expense of a helper. Do not be afraid to ask, as this is probably not what you are looking for.
I assure you of one thing, all your guest WILL let you know they had the best time, ever!
Isn’t that nice? I think so.
Joe Ferranti Magician Boston